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I'm Not Lost - Vehicle Decal

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Price: $6.50
1 In Stock
Part Number: INL-800
This 8.5" X 4" decal perfectly explains to that tailgater why you are driving like that or why your vehicle is parked in such a precarious position.  If you cache in the country, this is the one decal for you.

This is a white decal that is applied on the outside of a window and shows up well, even on tinted glass.

**Not Trackable**

Size: 8.5" X 4"
Color: White
Material: 7 Year Premium Vinyl

Instructions from the Manufacturer:
There is no background color. The surface that you apply the sticker to will become your background color.

Your decal will come as THREE pieces - the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape. Make sure you are applying to a CLEAN surface. Scrub with soap and water, not window cleaner.

Carefully pull the clear transfer tape up from the backing paper, making sure that it pulls the sticker up with it (if it does not, then firmly press down on it with a squee-gee or credit card or something similar until it sticks properly to the clear transfer tape). Then apply the sticker and clear transfer tape to whatever surface you would like the decal on.

Use a squee-gee or credit card or something similar to firmly press down once again, making sure that the sticker STICKS, and then carefully and slowly remove the clear transfer tape from the top, leaving behind only the sticker. It helps to leave the clear transfer tape on for awhile to make sure everything is sticking well before removing it.

No refunds or exchanges on vinyl decals.

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