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Welcome to our Garage Sale. 

This space reserved for those items that just do not quite qualify as store quality items.  Some new, some used, some homemade.  All make great geocaches and the price is Garage Sale style.

Now, a word about shipping.  Major fact: There is NO SUCH THING as Free Shipping. Never, no way, no how.  This site is not run by any delivery company or organization and it costs money to pack items and get them to your doorstep.  Period.  Items are priced for what seems to be a fair market value and are not padded with overhead to cover the shipping charges.

To that end, we do keep our shipping costs aligned just for that; shipping.  Shipping costs include packing materials, boxes, packaging, tape, labels, and so forth.  So when the USPS charges $2.61 to ship a First Class Package and you just paid $3.75, hopefully it seems reasonable.

Most all containers will come with a ready-to-hide log sheet.  Many items come in assorted colors that are randomly chosen unless you post requests in the customer comments section at checkout.

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Guard Rail Buddy
Price: $6.75
Guard Rail Buddy
A Little Bolt Action
Master Combo Lock
Price: $10.75
Master Combo Lock
Locked and Loaded
Water Bottler Holder w/Aluminium Carabiner - 2 Pack RED
Price: $1.75
Water Bottler Holder w/Aluminium Carabiner - 2 Pack RED
Water Bottle Holder - 2 pack
Spanish Moss
Price: $3.50
Spanish Moss
Camo Deluxe

For every $25 in merchandise you order (Limit 4 per order), we'll send you one of these special holiday trackable tags while supplies last.
As of 11/14/17 @ 0700CT only 48 tags left

No codes to enter.
Supplies are limited and once they're gone, that's all she wrote.
$25 must be in merchandise. Excludes Premium Memberships, shipping & taxes.
** Special Notice **
Effective January 22, 2017
USPS raises rates

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