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Bison Medium Camo

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Price: $2.00
216 Available
Part Number: BMC-200
This small bison tube is already camoflauged so well that you must pay close attention to where you put it or else you'll never find it again. 

Your cachers will certainly play havoc trying to spot it hanging in that tree or bush.  It's just plain evil, that's all you can say.

The size is equivalent to our other Medium Size bison tubes and as always, come ready-to-hide with free lifetime replacement logs.
Add on extra logs, o-rings and a hanger.

14mm X 52mm (~1/2" X ~2")
Ready-To-Hide Log
Shipping weight: 0.5 oz.

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Bolt Shaped Tubes- Camo
Price: $5.75
Bolt Shaped Tubes- Camo
Unique design, works great with a magnet. You're sure to get many interesting comments with these new containers.
O-rings for S-M-L Bison Tubes
Price: $0.50
O-rings for S-M-L Bison Tubes
Replace worn o-rings before the log gets wet.
Squatty Bison Tubes - Camo
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Squatty Bison Tubes - Camo
Great containers - Perfect size
Hangers for Bison Tubes (10)
Price: $0.50
Hangers for Bison Tubes (10)
How's it hangin'
Replacement Log Sheets
Price: Download Now Free
Replacement Log Sheets
Easily download and print these different sized replacement logs to carry with you when you go geocaching. You will be a hero to the cache owner and to those who come along afterwards.

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